Arizona 5th:

Andy Biggs (incumbent)

Arizona 6th:

​David Schweikert (incumbent)

Florida 1st:

Matt Gaetz (incumbent)

Florida 17th:

Greg Steube (running)

South Carolina 3rd:

Jeff Duncan (incumbent)

Tennessee 2nd:

Jimmy Duncan (incumbent)

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<b>House Fellow Travelers:</b>

Florida 3rd:

Tedd Yoho (incumbent)-fellow traveler

Georgia 11th:

Bob Barr (running)-fellow traveler

Idaho 1st:

Raúl Labrador (incumbent)-fellow traveler

Idaho 2nd:

Bryan Smith (running)-fellow traveler

Indiana 5th:

David Stockdale (running)-fellow traveler

Iowa 1st:

Rod Blum (running)-fellow traveler

Kansas 1st:

Tim Huelskamp (incumbent)-fellow traveler

South Carolina 3rd:

Jeff Duncan (incumbent)-fellow traveler

2012 JBS Freedom Index: 88%

Tennessee 2nd:

Jimmy Duncan (incumbent)

2012 JBS Freedom Index: 92%

Texas 4th:

Lou Gigliotti (running)-fellow traveler

Texas 8th:

Craig McMichael (running)-fellow traveler

Texas 21st:

Matt McCall (running)-fellow traveler

Texas 23rd:

Robert Lowry(running)-fellow traveler

Utah 4th:

Mia Love (Running)-Fellow traveler

Utah 3rd:

Jason Chaffetz (incumbent)-fellow traveler

Virginia 11th:

Ron Meyer (running)-fellow traveler

<b>Governor fellow travelers:</b>


Tom Tancredo (running)-fellow traveler


Paul LePage (incumbent)-fellow traveler


Tom Pauken (running)-fellow traveler

Question: What is a Fellow Traveler?

Answer: It is, in our opinion, someone who displays most of the traits of adherence to the Constitution, civil liberties (in a libertarian way), and strong fiscal conservatism, but not at the 90% and up range.  This is done through a view of the person's issue statements and voting record, but is subjective in nature and thus should be validated by the person who is considering providing support.




Kelli Ward (running)


James Risch (incumbent-2020)


Ted Cruz (incumbent-2018)