Arizona 4th:

Paul Gosar (incumbent)

Ohio 4th:

Jim Jordan (incumbent)

South Carolina 3rd:

Jeff Duncan (incumbent)​​

Texas 6th:

Ron Wright (incumbent)

Texas 27th:

Michael Cloud (incumbent)

Virginia 6th:
Ben Cline (Incumbent)

<b>House Fellow Travelers:</b>

Florida 3rd:

Tedd Yoho (incumbent)-fellow traveler

Georgia 11th:

Bob Barr (running)-fellow traveler

Idaho 1st:

Raúl Labrador (incumbent)-fellow traveler

Idaho 2nd:

Bryan Smith (running)-fellow traveler

Indiana 5th:

David Stockdale (running)-fellow traveler

Iowa 1st:

Rod Blum (running)-fellow traveler

Kansas 1st:

Tim Huelskamp (incumbent)-fellow traveler

South Carolina 3rd:

Jeff Duncan (incumbent)-fellow traveler

2012 JBS Freedom Index: 88%

Tennessee 2nd:

Jimmy Duncan (incumbent)

2012 JBS Freedom Index: 92%

Texas 4th:

Lou Gigliotti (running)-fellow traveler

Texas 8th:

Craig McMichael (running)-fellow traveler

Texas 21st:

Matt McCall (running)-fellow traveler

Texas 23rd:

Robert Lowry(running)-fellow traveler

Utah 4th:

Mia Love (Running)-Fellow traveler

Utah 3rd:

Jason Chaffetz (incumbent)-fellow traveler

Virginia 11th:

Ron Meyer (running)-fellow traveler

<b>Governor fellow travelers:</b>


Tom Tancredo (running)-fellow traveler


Paul LePage (incumbent)-fellow traveler


Tom Pauken (running)-fellow traveler



Ted Cruz (incumbent-2024)

Question: What is a Fellow Traveler?

Answer: It is, in our opinion, someone who displays most of the traits of adherence to the Constitution, civil liberties (in a libertarian way), and strong fiscal conservatism, but not at the 90% and up range.  This is done through a view of the person's issue statements and voting record, but is subjective in nature and thus should be validated by the person who is considering providing support.