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Our Goal is to consolidate all political candidates who align with the ideal of liberty into one location.  We do not intend to rank or give priority to one person over the other, but to just consolidate information on choices we all have to be more free.  This website is not affiliated with any political ideology, organization, or campaign and is an educational resource to provide information to the voting public and aspiring liberty activists.

Top Liberty Candidate Headlines

7APR-Paul: raises $1.6M in Q1

7APR-Lee: Free-mkt anti-crony push

2APR-Broun: Calls out EPA

1APR-Lee: Removes GOVT barriers

1APR-Paul: Eats Obama&Clinton4 Lunch

1APR-Paul: Award Caterpillar

1APR-Paul: Go beyond deportation

1APR-Massie: Three liberty lessons

31MAR-Breitbart article on Birman

31MAR-Cruz: Fires up base

31MAR-Paul: Reagan-style anomaly?

31MAR-Birman vs Establishment

26MAR-Birman: Endorsed by Paul

25MAR-Rubens: Shaheen part of prob

25MAR-Paul: Credit for NSA changes

25MAR-Paul: Obama should tell Pope

25MAR-Rubens: Pro-gun owner

25MAR-Broun: We the people c&idate?

25MAR-Winteregg interview

24MAR-Paul: Future of GOP

24MAR-Paul/Cruz: Fight against CCore

24MAR-Lee: Raising money 4 Brannon

24MAR-Meet Derrick Grayson