You missed someone!

There is a level of subjectivity, and there are a lot of candidates, votes, and positions to go through. If we have missed someone, have someone classified incorrectly, or have outdated or incorrect information on our site either send us a tweet, post on our Facebook page, or make a post in our forums. We will verify the information and make any necessary changes.  You can also use the contact form on this page to email us.


What is the website?

Our goal with this website is to use open-source information and voting records to consolidate candidates who support liberty into one location regardless of party. Do your own research as the information is subjective and thus just a starting point to becoming a well-informed voter.


What should I do?

Do whatever you want. This website is just for information.  You can donate, vote, campaign, write, become an activist, educate or whatever you feel like doing. It is up to us to voluntarily use our talents for what we believe would be most beneficial to ourself and others.