State Representatives

Arizona State House 5th:

Sonny Borrelli (incumbent)

Illinois State House 94th:
Randy E. Frese (incumbent)

Indiana State House 25th:

Donald Lehe (incumbent)

Louisiana State House 45th:

Joel Robideaux (incumbent)

Michigan State House 36th:

Peter Lucido (incumbent) 

Michigan State House 56th:

Jason Sheppard (incumbent)

Missouri State House 99th:

Andrew Koenig (incumbent)

New Hampshire State House Belknap 4th:

​Brian S. Gallagher (incumbent)

New Hampshire State House Carroll 3rd:

Mark McConkey (Incumbent)

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New Hampshire State House Carroll 4th:

Glenn Cordelli (incumbent)

State house page

​New Hampshire State House Cheshire 11th:

John Hunt (incumbent)

New Hampshire State House Coos 1st:

Lawrence Rappaport (Incumbent)

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​New Hampshire State House Hillsborough 13th:

Larry Gagne (Incumbent)

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New York Assembly 147th:

David Dipietro (incumbent)

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Pennsylvania State House 79th:

John McGinnis (incumbent)

Texas State House 4th:

Stuart Spitzer (incumbent)

Texas State House 6th:

Matt Schaefer (incumbent)

Texas State House 83rd:

Dustin Burrows (incumbent)

Texas State House 89th:

Jodie Laubenberg (incumbent)

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Texas State House 91st:

Stephanie Klick (incumbent)

Texas State House 93rd:

Matt Krause (incumbent)

Texas State House 106th:

​Pat Fallon (incumbent)

Texas State House 115th:
Matt Rinaldi (incumbent)

Governor fellow travelers


Paul LePage (incumbent)

Question: What is a Fellow Traveler?

Answer: It is, in our opinion, someone who displays most of the traits of adherence to the Constitution, civil liberties (in a libertarian way), and strong fiscal conservatism, but not at the 90% and up range.  This is done through a view of the person's issue statements and voting record, but is subjective in nature and thus should be validated by the person who is considering providing support.

​​State Senate

Idaho State Senate 9th:

Monty Pearce (incumbent)

Illinois State Senate 36th:
Neil Anderson (incumbent)

Nebraska State Senate 2nd:
Bill Kintner (incumbent)

Nebraska State Senate 42nd:

Michael Groene (incumbent)

South Carolina State Senate 3rd:

Kevin Bryant (incumbent)

South Carolina State Senate 9th:

Danny Verdin (incumbent)

Texas State Senate 10th:

Konni Burton (incumbent)

Washington State Senate 7th:

Brian Dansel (incumbent)